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So here I am again writing another blog. It's been so long so I will catch you guys up on what become of my life. Well in March I left for basic training and I graduated the end of may and went straight to AIT and graduated from that in late July. I went home for all of 3 else. Then left to my forth duty station in August. My life in the army is no cake walk in the park. It has it's UPS and downs sometimes I just wanna go home other times I just wish to be dead and other day im just very happy. My mood is all over the place ever Subaru got here. I did manage to meet a great guy who has bn keeping me happy. Im lucky to have him in my life.I do miss my family and friend NYC. I still keep in touch with them but barely. I don't know what else to write so I'll leave it at that till im done with thi post.

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